Introduction :

After around 9 months of very hard work in Holberton School, studying all we could about C, Python, algorithms, data formatting, SQL, servers configuration… we had around three weeks to create a Portfolio Project in groups of one, two or three peers.

The portfolio project had no restrictions related to what technologies we could use or to what it should be about, and it was a good opportunity for us to get out of our comfort zone.

I decided to create a web app that helps students refer to their grades and subject notes ,i liked this project as an idea, but it did not lead me to complete it

How does STUDENT_compagnian relate to me:

I was inspired by the idea of every student with a special application that can show his preparation and schedule his time

What we accomplished with student_compagnian:


It’s the best solution to design an MVP. It’s fully online, free and accessible to all the team members. There are other alternatives like Adobe XD, Sketch… But they need to be installed and take more space and we might encounter some unnecessary setup issues.


To help develop a project faster, Angular is particularly appreciated for its very powerful CLI tool, which makes it scalable and allows to generate skeletons of applications, classes, services and components from its own terminal. Angular remains an excellent solution for programming highly interactive web applications.

Me ?

I am a 22-year-old Software Engineering student, self-motivated and works hard to develop myself every day and to prove my skills

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